I don’t know what’s going on in this picture but they perfectly captured the face of “what is this fool doin *mild disappointment*”

I don’t know what’s going on in this picture but they perfectly captured the face of “what is this fool doin *mild disappointment*”

So tired that I can’t see straight. I want this week to be done so I can go out tonight and then crash at home. I haven’t been a coffee drinker in years, but I’ve been relying on it the past few days. SO. TIRED.

mentally exhausted

I planned on having the white Russians I bought yesterday after work today. I had a quick dinner of rice and vegetables and felt so tired, I took a nap. I thought I’d wake up a few hours later so I could at least take my medicine before going to bed. Oops. Woke up at midnight, pretty awake.

Have to be up at the crack of dawn. But I’m going to make certain my little group is going out for drinks after work tomorrow because this week is kicking everyone’s ass. If they’re too tired to do anything, that’s when I’ll have my baby 4 pack.

Tomorrow’s going to be super intense for my mom and a colleague of ours. Weirdly, I have been cleaning other people’s messes in the name of Jesus Christ* and no one has been the wise yet. Me and my coworker did a tag team on that and we’re pretty proud of it even though we know it won’t last past Saturday.

It’s not Jesus Christ kicking my butt, it’s just crazy case after crazy case with an extra side of crazy complications. And bitches who need stitches. On their mouths. Let me suture that up for you…


*Jesus Christ is not referring to the superstar messiah. Just take the initials.


I  met the devil today. I’ve never wanted to physically harm someone like that before. I am generally pretty calm and can even get a thrill out of people being dickbags. But the devil is much more than your average bastard coated bastard with bastard filling. I can only imagine a hell with this devil’s reign… Every sound, smell, sight, taste would be something that irritates you and brings back moderately bad memories. A constant cycle of repetition and the feeling of nails on a chalkboard just behind you.

I need to avoid the devil as much as possible because I seriously might get arrested if we meet again.

werk personal I'm not craz- okay I am but so what

abenteuerimengland a réagi à votre billet“Okay so we have our Tower of Terror picture on our Memory Maker…”

This is beautiful. Also, my mom has totally secured her bag like the other lady in photos. I’ll have to show her she’s not alone.

I had kind of a waking night terror the other day. I woke up - I know I was awake - and saw a huge brown stick-like (like a cartoon) spider crawling rapidly toward me. Except it was upside down and “crawling” through the air like and invisible surface. For a moment, I panicked and just stared as it came closer. The thought that it was going to “get me” in some way passed my mind before realizing I was fully awake and the scene in front of me wasn’t possible. I closed my eyes so I didn’t have to see it. The panic was gone with my eyes closed and the knowledge that it wasn’t real. I fell back asleep.

Right now, pictures are moving. Pictures - still pictures - are moving. Just little things. A finger move, lips move, something in the background moves. Like a very subtle gif. But they’re not gifs. I know they’re not but that’s what I’m seeing. It’s creepy. I feel like I just stepped into the wizarding world with talking portraits.

I think it’s time for bed before I creep myself out any further.